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Update: July 2nd 2019

I received a spam email from Views Run today, which is interesting as I’ve never given them my email, which means they’ve used my email without my consent.

I decided to re-visit their site and see what has changed.

I have updated my rating from a 3/5 to a 2.5/5. They no longer have live support, instead you are presented with a “create ticket” functionality.

Where you are forced to wait an unspecified amount of time.

I decided to waste the $50 on their monthly plans just to test their new chatbot feature, which was feature-less and overall terrible. I think that they are giving up on the site, the viewbot has not had an update in a long time and the stability of the bot is just a mess. This viewer bot is BY FAR the most unstable bot on the market.

Review: 3/5

Latest review: 2.5/5

I think has been around a while, but I’m not 100% sure. Their site seems clean and modern which would imply they are. Overall, I had a good experience with views run, but, they have this weird key-based system to buy your plan. I didn’t like this much, because I purchased it once and then I had Internet problems, meaning I had to turn my stream off. I went to use my key again and I couldn’t, because it was used once already. You can get around this by purchasing a monthly key…I think that’s the only solution.

They have good support, too, but you have to go to their Discord. They were helpful enough to me but they also seem very angry and fed up with people asking questions. They will give you “smart ass” replies if you perhaps struggle with English or you don’t use their key system properly (like I did, ooops). But, I guess I’d be annoyed too answering the same questions over and over.

I have used views run the most until a decent competitor showed up, which I’ve switched to now. Their viewers are very stable and every time I’ve used them, I’ve been happy with the outcome, there is a great deal of fluctuation but I can’t really point fingers here because it could be any number of reasons, could just be people coming in and out of my stream. Also a couple of times I’ve used them, their service went down (only for about 30 minutes), but I’m guessing that can’t really be avoided. They were kind enough to reset my key so I could use it again, and the time I purchased a monthly key, they extended it.

Overall, very good service. I wish they’d add a chat bot and some other features, but with these guys you’re in and out very quickly which is nice. Turn up, buy your key and off you go.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 7/10 (clean, easy to use)

Support: 7/10 (just to be fair, because of their attitude)

Delivery: 9/10

Functionality: 7/10 (needs more features)

Works on mobile: Yes

Price: 10/10 (best value for money)



  1. darkacid

    can confirm they have been broken 8 days out of the 14 i have been with them for using Twitch Viewers on my channel. DO NOT USE THEM.

  2. views run scammers

    scam site do not use. blocked me because my order wasnt working

  3. these guys are fucking dogshit. seriously fuck them, wouldn’t even help me out because i was being “too angry” over not getting my fucking product. I should have never moved from viewerlabs

  4. i asked for the terms and service and a refund and they do not apply.
    don’t waste your money on this website, they have terrible service

  5. MrKappa

    No Longer works. Only viewerlist gets added. Waited 4 days now. No reply on support.

  6. MrKappa

    No Longer works. Only viewcount gets added. Waited 4 days now. No reply on support.

  7. JT

    They do not render their services as agreed. Was accused of arguing with the rep and they noted me as rude. Please see the conversation I had with them. Told me I was no longer welcome when I told them I was going to contact my bank.

  8. Jack

    I see recently updated and now has a control panel where you can manage the viewers, access the chatbot and more features. Any update on what this is like? And if it has gotten better?

    • twitchbotreviews

      I tried them 2 days ago, their viewers deliver about 50% with crazy jumps and their control panel only works on “30 day plans” which they no longer sell. When they were selling them, the control panel didn’t work. But they haven’t been selling 30 day plans for about 3 weeks now, and for most of the day, their support is offline. I think they’re struggling a bit.

      • tony

        The control panel was available for most part of the year, but the 30 day plans have been unavailable for over a month. Their support said that they have too many new customers which affects the delivery so they are trying to get rid of them. So it doesn’t look like they care about any customers right now.

        • twitchbotreviews

          I’ve had a few people tell me they’ve said several different things. They’ve been told that the monthly plans have issues, I’ve heard that they’re shutting down, that they’re selling the site, multiple different things…

  9. Angry Gamer

    I had the same problems with them, service not working as i should and viewers dropping from 100 to 60 and then to 140 in a few min. Their support told me a was lying and was very rude. They also banned me after that chat. They scamed me for over 100USD and i will make a chargeback with paypal.
    Stay avay from this company that are based in London UK.

    • twitchbotreviews

      I don’t think they’re based in the UK – I don’t think views run is a registered company if I’m honest and it’s hard to get a refund from them

      • tony

        You can see their company information in all the transactions, ROTATING NETWORKS INC so they are a company

        • twitchbotreviews

          I did not know that! Must have changed since I used them last then

  10. tony

    Update the reviews please, most of them are not up to date. This website doesn’t even look half of what is said in the review. No reactions, no discord, has chat bot. Same with others, your blog shows up a lot on google but the reviews are outdated on most websites, there’s many new ones as well that have popped up

    • twitchbotreviews

      Feel free to link me to some of the new ones I haven’t seen, I will review them.

  11. Aaron

    This website works fairly well and the only problem that I’ve had with their service is that the viewer count fluctuates so much that it makes it look very unrealistic. For example, if you buy 100 viewers, you might have 135 viewers then 30 seconds later 70 viewers then another 30 seconds later 115 viewers, etc.

    However, the reason I don’t recommend using them is that their customer support is very rude, unhelpful, and nasty to deal with. I had been a loyal customer and for example, one time had a question about a purchase I made. After I asked my question, their customer service replied “Didn’t you bother to read our website before you contacted support…”
    I also had a few other instances were their customer service was belligerent and angry at me for contacting them. They have at least 2 or 3 people working for their customer service that act like this.

    I’d probably still be using them because their products work fairly well, but their live chat support members are nasty people.


    Hahahaha I’ve been one of their loyal customers and keep upgrading my viewers, followers and such but this one person named ERRATIC has been more than rude. He has threatened me and block me off the chat, when all I did was asked nicely because I didn’t understand how their system worked. It’s sad because I totally love their service and some of the people were nice so far, but today I got the bad mood, I hate my job person LOL and all I asked was that if I can speak to the supervisor. He/She kept telling me there was no one else that works there but them. I said only 1 person is working? Then ERRATIC totally blocked me hahahahaha which is more sad for them than me. I mean I can go elsewhere for service but they are the one who are loosing customers and their service is not cheap either. I ordered the one that’s $250 and another one that’s $100

  13. This site is a scam. Their viewbot does not work properly. I contacted support multiple times and they told me that the views I’m getting “are fine”. They ended up blocking me from their support chat.

    Staff are very rude. Their “key system” is a joke.


    not working!!! I did not get full viewers and then they were very rude to me on support chat!! they threatened me with my twitch channel when i said i would chargeback

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