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Viewerlabs review


Rating: 4.5/5

As of November 22nd 2018, Viewerlabs have introduced the ability to upload your own custom chat list for the chat bot. Great feature!

Okay, so, this site cropped up not long ago and I found it through a thread on hackforums where they were listed as the #1 “Twitch viewer bot”. With any new site, I acted cautiously and planned to buy their cheapest package. Luckily, they offer a free trial and 24/7 support, which I found pretty cool.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to let that determine if they are good or not. The free trial worked really, really well. But, any site could throw up a free trial and make it work amazingly for 30 minutes in order to bait people. So, I paid for a package…I got their cheapest package which was 50% off at the time and they offered to deliver 25 live viewers, channel views, 12 chatbot chatters and 50 followers. I paid in crypto because there was a further 10% off.

I had some problems with the payment method, which was my fault, but this gave me the perfect excuse to test their live support. I opened up the support request in the bottom right of my screen and was expecting to talk to an Indian man with bad English. The guy I spoke to was able to help me without problems, and his English was perfect, which tells me he’s not some sort of Indian scammer (I’m not generalising, it just happens a lot).

So now I’ve tested their live support (10/10 btw), I’ve tried their trial (10/10 worked great), but now it’s time to try the real thing.

They have a very nice dashboard, it’s really well made, and I was able to start my 25 viewers without problem. They started to arrive in 5 minutes, although they say it can take up to 15 minutes. They all arrived instantly and they held VERY stable. Also, they have a feature I haven’t actually seen working yet…I can control when the viewer bot starts and stops, and I can even update the viewer bot whenever I like! This is a very fancy feature and would come in handy to make viewers look more “legit”.

So, why haven’t I given a 5/5? The reason is, is that their chat bot only has their default list that they made. They haven’t added support for custom lists yet, but after speaking to support, they said they’re working on implementing it. So when they do, I will update this post.

EDIT: It looks like Viewerlabs have introduced monthly pricing and reduced their prices for weekly. The screenshots and prices I posted are now outdated and the prices on the homepage are for monthly costs. There’s a tab on the site for “weekly” which shows my original screenshots, but they are also cheaper there too.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 10/10

Support: 10/10

Delivery: 11/10 (I’m not joking, they are so stable)

Functionality: 9/10 (chatbots)

Works on mobile: Yes

Price: 8/10 (a bit more pricey than the others)



  1. Eitan

    Anyone used the chat list option for generating chat on your stream

  2. anime tiddies

    moved over from views run, vlabs has a much better interface and much better support. will not be moving back

  3. Matt G

    Hello. I was reading this page and I gotta say ViewerLabs is amazing! However, the issue is the viewbot service hasn’t worked to its fullest. It’s not an issue with the bot but rather the Twitch’s security system got upgraded. They’re filtering viewbots at an exponentially smarter rate than ever over the last 2 months. Viewerlabs does manually send viewcounts by asking support so props to them for still working.

    • twitchbotreviews

      They’re back to full delivery now. I haven’t had under performance in a few days and haven’t needed to contact staff

  4. Jay

    The company has been utter trash for the past few months. Bots are always down and they say “We will compensate you when it’s fixed”. 2 months and i’m essentially paying for nothing. Do not recommend. There are other better services out there.

    • twitchbotreviews

      Who do you recommend? I’ve tried every other one recently and none are working other than Viewerlabs. Just need to speak to their support if you have under delivery

  5. Steve

    They took off support on the site… also I am not able to post here? Ive sent like 3 posts with my review on them?

    • twitchbotreviews

      Their support hasn’t gone offline, I speak to support every day.

  6. Complete Stranger

    Great Service, but expensive.

  7. dj

    Does this bot work on other platforms

  8. Swagboy


    What would you recommend to a very small streamer (averaging 3-14 viewers per stream) trying to use this service to grow organically while maintaining authenticity?

    Ex.: Start of with only adding 5 viewers for a month? Then 10 viewers next month? Then 15 next month? Then 20 next month? All the way until Partner?

    Also, do you know whether services such as these would eve make one capable of even reaching partner status? Surely one cannot just add 75 viewers to their stream and then request for Partner.

    Please tell me your input 🙂

    • twitchbotreviews

      Yeah, requesting 75 viewers and then applying for partner will not work. Slowly increasing the bots as your stream naturally grows is the way forward and will make it a much faster process in comparison to doing it without bots.

  9. Stabiliteer

    Hello, I wanted to ask you about the channel views.
    Is there a maximum number there? Is it calculated from the page or do I have a possibility to generate 1000 views ? How long does it take to generate channel views? I would be very happy to get an answer. Thank you. I’ll take care of it.

    • twitchbotreviews

      It just works off of how many live viewers you select. Typically in the real world, 1 live viewer will give you 1 channel view depending on the length watched for. Viewerlabs gives you 1 channel view per IP. So with 100 live viewers, you’d gain maybe 200 – 300 channel views. If Twitch see you gaining 1,000 channel views for no reason or it doesn’t match your live viewers, then they know you’re botting lol

  10. down?

    Website is down completely and not accessible all day, anyone knows why. Did they shutdown?

    Checked with websites such as “isitdownforeveryoneorjustme” and it reports that website is down all over the world, so it’s not my PC issue.

    • twitchbotreviews

      They were down for 45 minutes, they posted an announcement for it. I was on the website when it went down and was able to access it about an hour later

  11. Great Service! The support team as viewer labs is always online and ready to help! Marvin is a really cool guy and helped me set everything up. If you have any questions at all he is the guy to ask. Highly recommend if you’re trying to get yourself seen on twitch.

  12. Jason

    I have a question about the Ip that the bots will show or have. Does it use your IP since you’re ordering the boys? And if it doesn’t and uses Viewerlab’s own IP is there still a way to link it back to the person that paid for the program? What is their policy on privacy?

    • twitchbotreviews

      They use proxies, so each bot has it’s own IP linked to a datacenter somewhere. Nothing goes back to Viewerlabs or links the bots to viewerlabs. They don’t even require you to have an email to sign up so it’s pretty private

  13. Joshua

    Is there a certain number of channels we can put or can we put as many channels as we want in their weekly/monthly subscriptions?

    • twitchbotreviews

      I believe they lock it to 2 channels to “prevent abuse and reselling”, but you can request to have channels removed by contacting support and they do it instantly.

      • Monkey

        this confirm you can have it on 2 channels?? (not same time)

        • twitchbotreviews

          Yup, you can have it on 2 channels. You’re allowed 2 channels per plan and requesting to have a channel removed is done instantly so really it’s more than 2

  14. Does the viewers all come at once or what?

    • twitchbotreviews

      You can use as many or as little as you like within your plan and you can increase the viewers over time. So start the bot with 10, then add 5, then add 5, then add 5 and so on 😀

  15. Batman

    Viewerlabs is by far the best viewer bot service out there. All in one: channel views, followers etc, its cheap, you dont need to buy everything separately like vieweruns which is a huge money grab BUT viewerlabs have this deadly defect that their viewerlist accounts are created on the exact same date which make it SO OBVIOUS. If anyone see that shit they will insta know its about viewing bot right? but when they fix that its gonna be 100% perfect. Right now if you have no problem with money vieweruns is the best option especially if you are a small channel because all vieweruns viewerlist accounts have avatar, edited profile, they are all customized etc so they look really realistic. If you already have a stable and solid amount of spectators, big channel etc just go for viewerlabs and dont use viewerlist, only viewer bot.

    • twitchbotreviews

      They actually fixed this a couple of days ago lol they posted an announcement here: – I have tested it and all of the new accounts look really good and created on different days

      • Batman

        I also saw this announcement. It’s a slow process. You’re obviously lying about having tested because I am using viewerlabs and 95% of viewerlist accounts are still created on the same date. This will take time to be 100% fixed. Its not something that gets fixed overnight, they need time to create thousand of accounts, add profile pics, customizing the profile etc, takes time dude.

        • twitchbotreviews

          I have literally been using them every day this week, I had accounts created in September, November and December. Yesterday I had 2 accounts in my account list that were created on the 4th of September and I had 18 that weren’t.

  16. chipongable

    been using it as long as i know no other sites out there like this one

  17. joe

    would this viewerlab get you ban from twich?

    • twitchbotreviews

      I don’t think you can be banned from using a viewer bot unless you show Twitch it is you doing it to yourself. Because otherwise you could just viewer bot other people and get them banned i guess

  18. iquit

    great service and customer support. i stopped streaming though. i purchased 2 plans on this website, the first one was great and far outperforms any of the competition. the viewer count stays really steady. i didn’t need my 2nd plan because i stopped streaming and they gave me a full refund within minutes of me asking…i hightly recommend them to aspiring streamers. goodluck!

  19. david

    they added custom chat list now

    • twitchbotreviews

      Ohhh, so they have. Thanks for point that out. I’m going to update the post

  20. Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site accidentally, and I’m stunned why this accident did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  21. liquidghost

    is it 25 viewers per every stream in that week or just one stream, i’m a little confused on if you only get the 25 viewers one time

    • twitchbotreviews

      It’s 25 viewers whenever you stream for the week, you get a dashboard where you can manage all the settings and stuff. The plan will stay there for 1 week and you can use it whenever you want within that week

  22. No

    This is the only viewer bot that really works. I wouldn’t call “” working when their numbers jump up and down to the point it looks ridiculous. Viewerlabs was able to provide a consistent number of 100 during my stream, where the numbers maybe moved 2 or 3 up and down.

  23. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am in fact impressed to read all at alone place.

  24. anonymmoous

    Best prices with best benefits!

    Thank god this site exists! These people deserve more users and they need to be known!

  25. Conner

    Do they take your money?

  26. Sarochebd

    I had a few issues with my bot, and they fixed it within 24 hours and gave me a new plan for free!

  27. Justin

    Hi, hopefully someone will see this, a reply would be very appreciated. I was wondering with the followers that come in the plans, do they come all at once or are they evenly spread out? For example, the cheapest monthly plan offers 200 followers. Is that legit? Will i have 200 more followers after that month? And if so, like i said before, do you get all 200 at once (within a few days) or are they spread out (10 followers one day, 5 the next etc.). Just asking because wouldn’t people and Twitch (even though they can’t prove im actually buying them) know that you’ve been buying followers because you average 5 followers a day then all of a sudden go up by 200 without even streaming, would look a bit suss.

    • twitchbotreviews

      They have a system that allows you to specify the delay between follows. So you can set like 10 – 500 minutes, and you get 1 follower at a random time between 10 and 500 minutes. You can obviously set your own times and 10 – 500 minutes is an example 😀

      So, because it’s random, it won’t look suspicious. Also, you can specify how many you want. So if you have 200, you can use 10, set the delays, when it’s finished you have 190 left to use. You can set 10 again, or 20, whatever number you want between 1 and 190. It’s pretty flexible

  28. this is the only working bot i have tried i think you need to update you list because none of them work well

  29. Really good website

  30. ryan creek

    chat bot is not working on viewerlabs and they have upped their prices.

    • Looks like the chatbot is down for maintenance and they’ve lowered their prices. Lowered them massively in fact!

      I think you might be confused as their homepage now shows monthly plans and not weekly ones. There’s a tab for weekly ones.

      I will update my article to include the new prices.

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