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Twitch Viewer bots review

UPDATE 18TH MARCH 2019: Website appears to be down for a while. The owner has disappeared and is not providing refunds or support.

I am going to start including downloadable viewer bots in my reviews, and I figured I’d start with “viewbotted” as it has appeared on Google.

Firstly, I need to state that I do not believe in downloading programs for things like viewbots as they’re always “a bit sketchy”, as in, I don’t trust them. Especially when they look like they’re made for Windows Vista (like, but I’m not here to judge the looks.

I fired up my VM and got myself a download. has a bunch of features, not any that I necessarily require but I tried them anyway. The account creator is pretty cool, but the accounts look really fake. I can’t really expect too much out of something that creates accounts for you, though. I also had to purchase 2captcha credit which is to be expected, I’m not complaining. I can’t really understand how useful this feature would be, I guess it allows you to create your own accounts for the chatbot? But as far as I can tell, the accounts are generic names with some numbers on the end, although you do get a bit of functionality.

I will say this…on their website they state “You don’t have to worry about this software slowing down your PC. It uses only 20% of your CPU while it’s running!”. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but, I have 12 cores and this was eating my cores up. Running the viewbot alone was a bit better but damn, 20% is a bit far-fetched.

Right, on to the important part, the viewbot. They say this works with free proxies, and you can get viewers, and they also include a “proxy scraper”, but we all know that free proxies are a joke. I did a test with the free proxies and results were as you’d expect, about 10 viewers. It was pretty bad. But, to give them credit, they do state on their website:

It’s circumstantial. Sometimes the proxies let you get 3-5 viewers and other times 30 viewers. This is why we don’t recommend free proxies and highly suggest purchasing private proxies inside our program for only $14/month. So in total, you pay whatever plan you chose + $14. So for example, if you bought the week plan, it will cost you $19 + $14, so $33 in total. You can then achieve 100+ viewers steady and stable.

Under the heading “how many viewers can I get with the free proxies or the built in proxy scraper?”.

So they know…but I guess that’s the reason this is so cheap. They do not need to supply the proxies, and I can see why cheap is desirable here.

So lets go ahead and buy some “premium” proxies. I purchased some for $14 and fired up the viewbot.

It works! Great, I got 200 viewers and the premium proxies worked…but the fluctuation was laughable. I’m not joking, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was at 200 viewers, then all of a sudden, i’m at 140, then 199, then 130, then 210, then 160.

It was insane. After a while, it wouldn’t go above 187 viewers. I’ve included a graph from my stream to show how bad it was:

That’s all well and good, right? Maybe you can deal with that…but that was 30 minutes lol.

You could argue that my proxies were just garbage, so I went ahead and purchased some expensive proxies. I paid $100 for these “private residential proxies”.

It did get better, but it was still a joke. Check this one out:

So, although I was skeptical about downloading a program, it didn’t blow up my PC. It works, you do get the numbers (sometimes) but they do not stay long at all. I’m not sure how they sell this viewbot as “stable” and “realistic”, because normal channels do not look like this.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 3/10

Support: 6/10

Delivery: 5/10

Functionality: 10/10 (they do have a big kit that covers everything)

Works on mobile: No

Price: 10/10 (very cheap, but they do not give you proxies)


  1. tony

    Website has shutdown and owner disappeared without any refunds whatsoever

  2. lolno

    this site deserves a -1/5

    yeah, minus. they are rude and their software f**king sucks. seriously f*ck these guys.

  3. Fazeee

    I use this bot for its other tools and it works really well. I do not use it as a viewbot because I cannot seem to get any proxies to have an acceptable delivery. Maybe twitch is finally dealing with the viewbot issue?

    I use viewerlabs for their viewbot and I use viewbotted for the chatbot, followers and account creation as it seems to work fairly well.

    I have spent a lot on proxies and none of them worked well.

  4. trashbot

    this bot is trash. i couldnt get it working on my windows 10 pc and when i contacted support they banned me from support. can i send you some screenshots for you to include in your post of the chat i had?

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