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In need of a Twitch viewer bot? I have reviewed them for you!

Twitch Viewer bots review


Rating: 0/5

Just don’t use them. I believe this site is a scam and they offer no support at all. Their site hasn’t been updated in years, there are multiple reviews on Google saying it’s a scam too. I ordered a plan off of them and literally nothing worked. Their control panel says it’s working but it’s not, and nothing ever happens. I advise you to stay well clear!

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 4/10

Support: 0/10

Delivery: 0/10

Functionality: 0/10

Works on mobile: No

Price: 0/10 (doesn’t work)



  1. got scammed from them as well.

  2. pznull

    The dont work anymore. They used to work and they were great. offered the most viewers for the lowest price. its really a pitty that they are not active anymore

  3. THE B

    Scamming Idiots, Hate them!

  4. Fred

    Yup got scam too do not use this site

  5. They still aren’t active. How the hell do I even get my money back if they won’t respond??

    • twitchbotreviews

      The best thing you can do is go to your bank and tell them the transaction was unauthorised, they’ll dispute it with PayPal and it’s a high chance you’ll win.

  6. Rob

    Do not use this site. Does not work. They never respond back.

    • Sadboy waiting for.refund

      Thats true! Bought 20€ set fewdays ago, i didnt get anything and support chat is offline. They wont even respon any email..

      • twitchbotreviews

        Yeah they haven’t worked for a looonnnngggg time. I have tried several times to contact them and they do not respond.

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