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Twitch Viewer bots review


Review: 0/5

Again, another site I believe to be a scam. I saw some reviews on Google and everyone else confirmed it to be a scam/not working. I decided to buy anyway in the interest of science and yes, I can confirm, it does not work at all. Please avoid this site.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 3/10

Support: 0/10

Delivery: 0/10

Functionality: 0/10

Works on mobile: No

Price: 0/10 (doesn’t work)



  1. betsyby gollywow

    Total scam!wish i would’ve read all the reviews first!do not ever trust this site guys!just a waste of money!

  2. Markus

    Absolotely scam. No response, no Login, no Bot. DO NOT BUY!

  3. Complete Stranger

    wish i could read the reviews first before buying it.
    one big scam.
    send report to paypal to get the money back.

  4. complete scam dont buy

  5. dex

    wasted my money, it wouldn’t log me in.

  6. Alex Collins

    Total Scam. Don’t waste your money/time. I wish I would’ve read the reviews first. Had to file a claim with PayPal and hopefully I’ll get my money back.

  7. Annon

    They are a scam.

    None of their services actually work!

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