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In need of a Twitch viewer bot? I have reviewed them for you!

Twitch Viewer bots review


Review: 0/10

Again, another site you need to steer clear of. All of the sites I’ve reviewed are legacy sites, maybe they used to work a few years ago, but they certainly don’t now. This site just ranks in the top of Google because it’s old and probably did well when it was created.

I won’t review it, I recommend you don’t use it. It doesn’t work, none of the functionality works and I didn’t gain anything from it. Support don’t reply and they have a Facebook page that is just filled with people complaining.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 3/10

Support: 0/10

Delivery: 0/10

Functionality: 0/10

Works on mobile: No

Price: 0/10




  1. Aaron

    The viewbot here does not work at all. The followers feature does work, and actually the chat bot works as well and you can actually use a custom list of what you’d like your chatters to say. I don’t know of any other sites that have a working chat bot that can use custom lists, so if you need only a chat bot you might consider this.

    • Albtraum

      His twitch : WhiteBird24 , Trash channel ! And 10000000% Fake like him this son of a **** 😉😗

  2. Jason

    Wow, thanks you just saved me from wasting my money!

  3. Sc

    Wish I saw this sooner 🙁

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