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Twitch Viewer bots review



Review: 2.5/5

I had low expectations for this one going in, but it seemingly works. Somewhat unreliably, but it works nonetheless. I’ve give this a low rating because it just didn’t deliver well enough compared to competitors. Here’s my gripe: The front end of the site is very nice, and it’s enticing. Then you click through and the rest of the site is neglected. It looks as if they made it look all pretty to sucker you in to buying it, which, for me at least, sets off alarm bells.

The site is multilingual which is a benefit I guess, but they’re clearly not English/English-speaking. There’s nothing wrong with that but it does make communication that little bit harder if you’re not fluent in German.

They offer a lot for very little, and to me, this is also a bit weird. I like a good deal, but everything seems too cheap, you know? Like they want you to waste money. That’s exactly what I got. I spent little and I got little, a barely working service with a barely working support.

The bot panel is cluttered and the interface is fiddly, and it just under-delivers. Also, registering was an absolute pain. It took me 5 minutes because the “captcha” was always invalid. I made sure I was typing it correctly and the form just kept showing an error, so I couldn’t register on the site.

I wouldn’t recommend these people. The only reason they have a rating is because they delivered something at the very least.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 3/10

Support: 3/10

Delivery: 3/10

Functionality: 3/10

Works on mobile: No

Price: 9/10



  1. John

    I used them for a few months. It’s not a terrible service for the price, though it is unreliable and you do only receive a fraction of what is promised. These guys primarily sell the programs you can buy/try for viewbotting and chat bots etc (babatools). I don’t recommend buying the programs or even trying them as the effort is not worth it, the viewbot service is cheap and works (just not very well).

    • twitchbotreviews

      Yeah, they weren’t reliable at all and I think it’s impossible to contact support lol

  2. Sam

    I’ve tried this with no viewers coming to my stream. Left it for 3 days still no viewers. Also website would not allow me to submit a support ticket just coming up with a message saying you are not allowed to submit a support ticket. [email protected] email address no longer active. Had to go through PayPal for a refund.

    • twitchbotreviews

      Hmmm, okay. I’m going to do another test and confirm it and then I will update with my results! Thanks for letting me know!

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