Twitch viewer bot reviews

In need of a Twitch viewer bot? I have reviewed them for you!

How to view bot correctly

I thought I’d put a little guide together on my opinion on how to use a twitch viewer bot correctly. I’m no expert and I think largely it’s just common sense which will scale up with the size of your channel.

You see so many people that are obviously viewbotting because they have 7,000 people watching them and 4 followers. Don’t be that guy. No one wants to follow a channel that is clearly view botting and you don’t want people coming in your stream and calling you out on it. My idea on this, is if you’re going to use a viewer bot, you want to grow your channel…so make it look as authentic as possible.

Find yourself a view bot service that offers the whole package, so you have viewers, chatters and followers which you can slowly add to your stream. I would recommend starting your view bot off with about 50% of the viewers you would normally get. If you normally have 50 watching you, add in 25 more to bring the total to 75. Personally, when I’m watching a stream, I don’t talk unless it’s a friend. So others must do this as well, therefore it’s completely reasonable to assume that 25 of your 75 watchers are just “lurking”. I have people show up in the viewer list, and then it looks fairly natural.

Then, what I’d recommend you do, is slowly increase the viewers. Find a good variable that works for your channel that you can increase by every 30 – 60 minutes (depending on how long you plan to stream for). You’ll notice you get more followers and then the next time you stream, you can increase again. Rinse and repeat!

How to spot a view bot?

I think it helps to understand how easy it is to spot someone that’s view botting. Firstly, they’re going to have a lot of viewers which isn’t proportionate to the number of followers they have. Then, check the viewer list…if they have 50 watchers, how many are in the viewer list? If it seems like little, they’re probably view botting. If they have 50 watchers and 50 in their viewer list, that seems pretty weird too. Not everyone is signed in, surely? Going on from that, check the accounts in the list…do they follow 50+ people? Do they have an avatar and bio?

Find a supplier that offers high-quality accounts and now ones that have been made in a day and re-used 1,000 times!

Who do I recommend?

My recommendation is viewerlabs, purely because they’re the only service I found that offer an all-in-one package. Their dashboard is clean, easy to use and you can control the amount of viewers you get whenever you like, which is a cool, unique feature.

If you’re not convinced, I have also reviewed the most popular twitch viewer bot services here.

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