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Is this site still active?


I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest sites and I still haven’t found a competitor for Viewerlabs. A lot of the other ones seem to be shutting down.

I have taken a look at some of the downloadable programs you can buy, such as “TwitchHelper”, maybe I will review these next. But I do not think they are as good, because you need to purchase your own proxies and a lot of the proxies you can buy are all banned by Twitch, so yes, the price might be low for these programs but also, the proxies are very expensive for good proxies.

Take a look at my twitch viewer bot reviews here.

I also still recommend Viewerlabs as the best Twitch viewer bot.

This site seems to be getting a lot of traffic, so hello everyone! I see viewerbots are still going strong on Twitch!


  1. Hey dude, you should also review Streambot – nice interface but the free trial they claim to be there seems to not work (no way to access it without buying the plan). The prices are decent, but instead of 10 bots, for example, only 3-5 show up to your stream – mildly infuriating lol.

    Anyways, I do agree that viewer labs are the best so far (I’ve tested them as well), the only con is the steep price hahaha

    Great site, by the way, very helpful

  2. 91BPR

    Seems that a lot of the reviews are outdated and tons of new services missing.

    • twitchbotreviews

      I just check the top results on Google, I’m only really reviewing web-based bots at the moment. Can you give me a few examples of sites I have missed? I will happily review them 🙂

      *Edit: Also, which ones are outdated? I would only consider them outdated if the service had changed significantly or one of the services started working again lol

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