Twitch viewer bot reviews

In need of a Twitch viewer bot? I have reviewed them for you!

About me

I am a Twitch streamer and I’m not afraid to admin that I have used viewer botting services. I have a small channel and although I know I’ll likely never be a big streamer, I still enjoy streaming and talking to people. If I have no one to talk to, it’s not fun…so I user a viewer bot to increase my ranking and attract people to my streams.

You may not agree with it, you may not do it yourself, but the simple fact is that it works. Yes, it’s cheating and yes it’s wrong, but I refuse to believe big streamers don’t do it.

I have used every viewer bot available online because they come and go so often, so I just wanted to provide a website where I can share my experiences. I’ve lost money through doing it when providers don’t provide and there are a few big sites out there that don’t actually run anymore.

Just for reference, all of my streams are Fortnite. I only stream Fortnite and I only use a viewer bot on my Fortnite streams. Your mileage my vary depending on the game you stream

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